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What Makes Brazilian Soccer Players Special

Monday, December 26th, 2016

The Futsal Effect

What makes countries like Brazil and Spain special when it comes to soccer is not necessarily superior facilities or clubs, but a strong culture of football and Futsal — an exciting, fast-paced small-sided soccer game.

Futsal is a format of five-a-side football that is played extensively around the world. It combines a fast pace with a small playing area, which forces players to maneuver the ball with great skill.

Futsal has created a culture of playing soccer everywhere. Futsal is the only “Official form of Indoor Soccer” as approved by FIFA and played by over 100 countries with 12 million players.

“Futsal’ is an abbreviation of the Portuguese ‘futebol de salão’ or the Spanish ‘futbol sala’,which means ‘indoor football’. It is typically played on a pitch similar to the size of a basketball or netball court. A futsal ball is also smaller and heavier than the outdoor football and has a reduced bounce.

This forces a player to use their skill rather than the ball’s bounce to propel it. As a small-sided game, players are constantly placed in situations where they have to receive the ball and play under pressure or in confined spaces.

For developing youth players, nothing is more important than regular practice and repetition which makes Futsal ideal. Kids play for fun and being able to play often is what helps them to develop the skills they need.

Portable Soccer Goals for Futsal

Having a portable soccer goal makes playing Futsal even easier­ when you can set up a goal practically anywhere you can play the game in a matter of minutes, all you need is a small space to play in.

Portable soccer goals that can be carried and set up in minutes even by a young player makes soccer more accessible to everyone. Farpost’s soccer goals make this possible. They are easy and fast to assemble, very lightweight, yet sturdy enough for rebounds and to withstand use on any surface.

Whether its Futsal or any other indoor soccer, the advantage of Farpost’s Futsal goals is being able to set up and play anywhere anytime…even on a gym floor because the bases have rubber pads and are safe to use on gym floors. Players are free to play anywhere any time. Farpost goals are also great for rebounds.

For those who are committed to regular play and improving their soccer skills, having a solid portable goal really takes the training to the next level.

Having a solid portable goal that offers this kind of versatility takes practices and games to the next level. Farpost futsal goals are the goals that will help “up your game”!