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Soccer Tips: How to Shoot and Score on Net Every Time
Soccer Tips

Koach Karl’s Soccer Tips for Shooting & Scoring

Hello Koach Karl,
My name is Andrew. I have problems when shooting at goal I always seem to be shooting over the goal. If I actually shoot low I don’t seem to get enough power behind it. I also have problems crossing the ball like it’s supposed to be crossed.

FUNdamental Response:  Let’s start with the fact that you have a better chance of scoring when the ball is ‘on target’ than when it is off target. Second, you will not receive ‘extra points’ for the power in which the ball crosses the goal line. You need only to get the ball across the line and under the bar in order to score a goal.

I can guarantee that if you use my unique “Self-talk” approach you will in a very short period of time put the ball past the keeper and into the net every time … Priceless!

“Push – Peek – Place!”

Begin by memorizing, in sequence, these three ‘buzzwords’: PUSH – PEEK – PLACE!

Now close your eyes and see yourself in action (visualize) yourself doing the following:

Repeat this ‘visualizing’ as often as possible. This method is currently used by many international athletes who realize that the body can better achieve what the mind has rehearsed. See yourself ‘scoring’ on every single attempt. You may want to say the buzz words out loud while your eyes are closed.

Next, find a wall and outline a goal on it – start practicing by… PUSHING the ball slightly in front of you…PEEKING to see the space where you will PLACE the ball. Then PLACE the ball at the exact spot that you decided to ‘hit.’ Be sure to say the words out loud – this will help tell your body ‘what to do.’

Finally, go to your next practice and repeat the sequence – over and over again. Here you may want to say the words in your mind rather than out loud (teammates may laugh at what you are doing). I promise they will stop laughing once you start PLACING the ball in the back of the net during the league games.

Get back to me in a few months, if the ball continues to go over the bar, and I will give you some ‘pointers’ on the placement of your “Plant foot” to keep the ball low!

As for your dilemma on crossing the ball… Using the same ‘buzzwords-visualizing and practice’ introduced earlier here is what will improve your ‘crossing.’

With lots and lots of practice – you will succeed because the technique of the kick is basically the same in each instance – except you need to place the ball low into the goal and high on the cross!

Your FUNdamental,
Koach Karl

Karl Dewazien at FundamentalSoccer.com