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Why SharpShooter Portable Soccer Goals are Great for Backyard Soccer Games
Portable Soccer Goals

There’s one thing about having a big backyard – the ability to play games like soccer anytime you want to. Kids can have a lot of fun playing a variety of sports in their backyard provided they have the right space and equipment.

SharpShooter: Three Goals in One

The SharpShooter portable soccer goal is great for backyard games because it is a 3-in-1 goal. You can use the SharpShooter portable goals for soccer, hockey, or even lacrosse. They are simple to setup and they stay in place no matter how hard the ball is kicked. They go up in minutes and can easily be taken down after the game. Because they are sturdy, you can play as much as you want without having to worry about the goal moving around.

Highly portable, the goal collapses when you need to take it down or when you need to move it around. You can set it up for kids to practice when their next big game is on the way. Of course, adults can have fun too. When you have others over for a BBQ or a backyard sports match, you can use the SharpShooter goal and take it down easily and store it until it’s needed again.

The SharpShooter goal can be adjusted to 4×4, 6×4 and 8×4 to suit a variety of ages and games. This portable goal is so versatile you can use it all the time, especially to practice before the next big game.

All Weather, All Year

It’s an all-weather goal, so you can use it outdoors and indoors any time of the year. If you need to pick up the SharpShooter and move it to another field or location, you won’t have any problem since it collapses down for easy relocation.

What every player needs is to have access to a portable soccer goal, so they can practice or play anytime they want to. Having a SharpShooter goal is the one thing you can count on to help keep your kids in shape. If you have a sports fan in your family using backyard goals it the best way to help them to up their game or simply have fun at home.

Where to Buy our Soccer Goals

If you are interested buying the Sharpshooter or in any of our aluminum soccer goals, please visit our online soccer goal store. Our high quality portable goals are used by clubs across North America, they are built for competitions, small sided soccer, soccer practice, tournaments, tryouts, and of course training at home in your back yard!

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