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Helping the Environment (and Your Bottom Line) with Farpost Portable Soccer Goals
Portable Soccer Goals

The last thing a coach wants to deal with is broken equipment. A cracked goal or torn net can cost coaches valuable practice time and, of course, will also cost money to replace. But this waste isn’t just an issue for the coach: keeping damaged goals and nets out of the trashcan—and out of landfills—should also be a goal for any soccer team looking to go green. Fortunately, it’s easy to tackle both these issues by choosing one of Farpost’s built to last, aluminum portable soccer goals.

To help coaches avoid the hassle and waste of discarding and replacing broken equipment, every Farpost goal is made from sturdy aluminum and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Unlike cheaper plastics, the aluminum in Farpost goal frames won’t bend or crack, no matter what happens to them (whether on or off the field). With these robust, lightweight frames, coaches will never have to worry about finding themselves faced with unusable portable soccer goals during practice or on game day.

To complement Farpost’s sturdy frames, the portable goals also come with a knotless, high-quality net. These nets have a two year warranty, but they’ll often last much longer. This means that, unlike cheaper options, the nets won’t need to be regularly thrown out and replaced.

While the initial cost of aluminum frames is higher than plastic alternatives, the durability of the aluminum goals allows teams to save money in the long run. Those who choose Farpost will avoid the cost of replacement parts and can expect a return on their investment in as little as six years. And, of course, Farpost’s long-lasting soccer nets and goals are also a big help to busy coaches, who will never have to worry about spending valuable time on broken equipment.

The wear and tear of practice, games, and storage can quickly crack frames and erode nets, particularly those made from cheaper plastics. By choosing sturdy aluminum frames that will last a lifetime, coaches can save themselves time and money while also making sustainability a part of every practice and game.