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Youth Soccer Trends & Farpost Soccer Goals Ltd. Biggest Contributions

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Youth Soccer Trend Setters Form an Alliance

The year: 1980

FUN SOCCER Enterprises publishes/copyrights and gives permission to California Youth Soccer Assoc. (CYSA) to include  the “Modified Playing Guidelines” for U-6, U-8 and U-10 players in its ‘”Development Player Program” booklet both of which were written by Karl Dewazien (aka Koach Karl). Critics from the US soccer community asked, “What is wrong with these hippies in California? Don’t they know soccer is an 11-a-side game?”

The year: 1985

US Youth Soccer Association requests and receives permission from CYSA to distribute a handout entitled, “Young Player Development Program” which includes Koach Karl’s  “Modified Playing Rules.” Critics from around the world wondered, “What is wrong with these Americans? Don’t they know soccer is an 11-a-side game?”

The year: 1998

Michael Cash sees a need to design goals that are strong, easy to carry and simple to set-up and take down.  Goals that are versatile and safe so even the youngest of players can use them.

The year:  1999

Farpost Soccer Goals Ltd. becomes a manufacturer of high quality aluminum goals that are absolutely safe to be used on any surface. Grass, turf, all weather sports fields, hardwood gym floors.

The year: 2005

The 5-piece sharpshooter soccer goal is designed and developed to fulfill the need for Backyard/Street soccer games; Small Sided Practice games and Modified League games which were becoming extremely popular.

The year: 2016

Koach Karl is intrigued by the slogan, “Three-Goals for the Price of One!”  and contacts Farpost Soccer Goals Ltd.  Michael Cash, President suggests a meeting to make a presentation of his claims and makes arrangements to fly from Vancouver, Canada to Fresno, California

Some of my notes from that original meeting:

  • Goal inside carrying bag light & easy to carry.
  • 5 easy pieces to put together.
  • Assembled in less than 5 minutes
  • Knotless netting attached to the crossbar eased assembly
  • Velcro straps are tied to the net. No loose parts
  • Taken down in less than 4 minutes
  • Also assembled and taken down safely by a child
  • Resembled and functioned like World Cup goal

Super highlights

  • Goal adjusted from U-6 to U-8 to U-10 sizes with the*(click* of a few buttons…!!!)
  • I imagined the field space that could be saved by having these easily adjustable goals on Modified Fields
  • I realized that these goals would be ideal for Modified Games; Small Sided Games and Backyard soccer.

A couple of extra-kickers

  • Farpost offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and 2 years on the netting – Priceless!
  • Professional clubs like the Seattle Sounders FC, Vancouver Whitecaps FC and New York City Football Club use Farpost soccer goals in their training.
  • And over 800 youth soccer clubs in North America use Farpost soccer goals in their smaller-sided games, training and tournaments.

The year: 2017

FUNdamental SOCCER highly recommends (endorses) the use of Farpost goals in the ‘Modified Games’ program.  Critics may ask, “What is wrong these people? Don’t they know we already have all the goals we need?”

Endorsement Reads

I realize that it took over  30+ years for the ‘Modified Laws’ to become standardized throughout the USA from which the children will now benefit. I just hope it does not take that long for the US soccer community to  realize that they can have ‘Three Goals for the Price of One’ which are realistic looking/functioning with a lifetime warranty from which their community will benefit.

For more details and a reasonable discount on these high quality adjustable goals go to: www.farpostgoals.com

Your FUNdamental,

Koach Karl (Karl Dewazien)

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