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An Anology for Youth Soccer Players

Would children become proficient at playing a computer game if…


…an adult decided for them which game they would enjoy playing the most?


…they were given a ‘new’ game to play each time they sat down at the computer?


…they had to read the manual and know all the applicable rules before they could start?


…they could only play at certain scheduled times with an adult present?


…they could only play on the computer twice during the week and once a weekend?


…they were forced to play more than five times on certain weekends?


…they had to wait in line to get an occasional stroke on the keyboard?


…the week day game was totally different from the week end game?


…the computer room was usually full of noisy, gawking, emotional adults?


…the adults were in charge of turning on the machine, putting in the game, etc.?


…the adults hit the keys while the child was able to watch the action?


…allowing the child to hit the keys but giving a running commentary every action taking place?


…the adults insisted the child stroke the keys in a certain manner?


…the action at the first level was so frantic that the child could not succeed?


…the action at all levels was so slow that all the child could do was succeed?


…the monitor blanket-out leaving only the audio portion of the game?


…the game had a glitch that froze the action and the child could not figure out how to fix it?


…the computer explained ‘how to’ avoid making future mistakes after each and every mistake?


…the game was arranged in such a way that there was only one way to win?


…the computer did not record the scoring results of previous games?


…the adults anticipated and encouraged the child to beat the previous high score?


…the child was rewarded only when they were able to beat the previous high score?


…parents compared scores with family, neighbors and friends?


Common sense tells us that children would not enjoy playing or improve playing computer games under these conditions. Why do we often put them in the same environment when they are playing soccer (sports)?


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