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4 to 5 Year Old Soccer Players Profile

Thursday, June 18th, 2020


  • They have no soccer background.
  • They need others to learn from.
  • You are their role model.
  • You must teach them.
  •  You must be PATIENT!


  • Bones are immature
  • Rapid growth in large muscles.
  • Growth in height is more pronounced than weight.
  • Girls will be one year ahead in physical development.


  • They need and want supervision of their activities.
  • They do not compete but merely imitate competition.
  • They exhibit sudden shifts in behavior from bad to good.
  • Boys will fight and wrestle – demonstrating masculinity.
  • They have a very difficult time cooperating with others.
  • Self-centeredness and boastfulness beginning to decline.
  • They enjoy group play – show preference for small groups.
  • Group members are continuously changing because of quarrels.
  • Boys and girls play together readily –but, for short period of time.
  • They want approval but do not seek it as actively as those who are younger.


  • They are interested in learning.
  • Playing soccer is stimulating for them.
  • Most know their right side from their left.
  • They like structure and are willing to apply rules.
  • They are aware of rules governing cooperative play – simple rules only.


  • Don’t bother placing them into positions – they will play bunch ball.
  • Gradually introduce them to play in larger groups – Begin with 1vs.1 game.
  • They will play at soccer by imitating rather than playing soccer.
  • They will play “Bunch Ball” and follow the ball wherever ‘it’ goes.
  • Games should not be too complex or too long in duration…


  • Very short attention span – be Simple and Brief.
  • Provide full, physical participation for everyone.
  • They can learn to jump, skip, hop, chase and dodge.
  • Fun lies in kicking the ball rather than the distance or accuracy of the kick.
  • Opportunity to experiment with technique is more important to them than success in the technique.
  • They do not understand the concept of winning and will therefore believe everyone can win.
  • Soccer demands that the players be constantly moving; activities that force them to wait their turn are not recommended.


  • Be consistent in your practice session routine.
  • Give positive points of refinement to help self-improvement.
  • Assign homework on things that have been introduced.
  • Focus on teaching the 1 vs. 1 game.

Written and Submitted by

Koach Karl

(Karl Dewazien)